Q & A

Q: You pushed for the Clareview Recreation Centre. What impact do you foresee the Recreation Centre having on our community?

A: The Clareview Recreation Centre has nothing but positive implications for northeast Edmonton. Seniors, family, and child programs will be available as well as programs for newcomers to Canada. There is a public library attached along with a High School and Twin Arenas. Furthermore, the Centre will have an aquatic centre with a leisure pool, a children’s pool, a 25-metre 8-lane pool with diving boards, a waterslide, many play features, a whirlpool, and steam room. There is also a fitness centre, a walking/jogging track, multi-purpose rooms, and a child-minding space. This is a great facility.

Q: This will be your fifth term on council. What makes Ward 4 unique?

A: The tapestry of people is what makes Ward 4 an amazing place to live. We have every social economic background, every culture, and both urban and rural communities. This makes for a rich and diverse community.

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish should you be re-elected?

A: The continuation of the NE growth plan, growth of the Edmonton Energy Park, and employment close to home for the residents of Ward 4.

Q: Can you explain how Ward 4 will improve with the redevelopment of Fort Road and Belvedere?

A: It will be a new, vibrant, and modernized entrance to the City from the North.

Q: You advocated for Neighborhood Empowerment Teams. Can you explain their impact in our neighborhoods and their relationship with the Edmonton Police Service?

A: The N.E.T. Team originated in NE Edmonton in the neighborhoods of Belvedere and Bannerman. The team only spends 2 years in each community but the strides forward in solutions to crime and disorder stay with the communities for years. I still believe that an extended stay in our communities would be a benefit.
For further information on the N.E.T. Team please click here.

Q: Can you explain the role of sports in your life and how it affects our families and community?

A: I truly believe that sports build character and teach teamwork to our youth. I have been very involved in hockey with my own family and the community. A sport teaches children that working together as a team can accomplish much and keeps them occupied in positive activities.

Q: Attracting business to our community is critical for its health and success. What are you doing to encourage business to Ward 4?

A: Again, I have been extremely involved in bringing the Edmonton Energy Park to NE Edmonton and I continue to work on the growth of the Park. I work closely with developers to decide where to place new potential employment opportunities, such as in Manning Town Centre. I am always on the lookout for new opportunities.